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Are you switched on to video?

Take the ‘Are you switched on to video?’ test to score your organization’s video communication effectiveness, and learn how you could change your color, increase employee and customer engagement, and extend the value of video across your organization.


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Are you communicating effectively?

At VIBBIO, we take a deep interest in customer behavior, and the change in the way that busy people absorb information -- which is why video communication is one of the most successful methods of communication.

By understanding your current communications effectiveness -- you’ll gain a deeper insight into how you can elevate your marketing, HR, and internal communications strategy by using video to:

  • Receive better ROI and engagement results
  • Attract super talent
  • Celebrate departmental success and embed culture

Using video will help you to:

Grow revenue 49% faster (Wordstream)

Increase click rates by 300% (Mailjet)

Reach the 59% of executives who choose video over text (Forbes)

Find out if you’re switched on to video

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